WatAdventure in Australia

A picture book made in collaboration with 1000s of real kids! Find out more below!

We wanted real kids to help us create a picture book. Here's how we did it!

In March 2018 WatAdventure teamed up with PopJam and ran a series of creative competitions...

Kids from all over the world entered our "Decorate the boomerang" competition and we looked through 1000s of amazing entries to find 10 winners!

Keep scrolling down to see the 10 winning boomerangs!

The next competition was to "Design a flag for the Watabus". The winner would not only see their flag fly on the Watabus in the book, but they would also be illustrated into the pages alongside Sirius and Jiblets as the star of the story!

Out of over 4000 "Design the flag" entries Lola's design was the winner!

She is now the star of the WatAdventure in Australia!

The 10 Winning Boomerangs

We illustrated the 10 amazing winning boomerang designs into the book too! They are hiding somewhere in the pages... Have you spotted them all yet?


We also put almost 1000 runners up's flag designs into the end pages of WatAdventure in Australia.

You can see the whole flag page here.

Finally, we ran two polls to allow our PopJam audience help to make certain decisions on what appeared in the pages of WatAdventure in Australia.

Saltwater Croc
Green Tree Frog

Which animal toy should appear in the bedroom?

You voted for...

The Possum!

Butterfly Fish
Parrot Fish
Coral Trout
Clown Trigger Fish

Which fish should appear at the great barrier reef?

You voted for...

The Butterfly Fish!

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