Learn all about how we write the script that gets turned into our Interactive Comic! And then you can even have a go at making our own!

Comics are a funny mixture of different things. They're like cartoons but not animated. They're like books but the pictures do a lot of the work, so you don't need as many words. They can contain a lot of dialogue and remind me of writing plays. On top of all of that, we have to give our audience choices to make at certain moments to make them "interactive".


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So, where do you begin?

Firstly, we know our characters:
Sirius and Jiblets.

Sirius is a gentlehound traveller, a writer of adventures, thinks very highly of himself and aims to prove he is the finest explorer there has ever been. HOWEVER, he's a massive wimp. A big quiverring, blubbering wimp. How can he be a great explorer if he's too frightened to scale cliffs, dive deep into caves and trudge through dense jungles packaged with venomous snakes?

Jiblets is the opposite of Sirius. Wildly over-enthusiastic. Idiotic. Never stays still. Never thinks before he speaks. He believe everything will be alright - even if he's falling off a cliff into crocodile-infested river. He also sees himself as an explorer, an adventurer. How on earth can you explore if you don't take the time to read a map? Or you don't take any essential safety gear?

So, they need each other. Sirius will be the sensible one. Jiblets will be the brave one.

With our two characters, we can start having fun. They've come to life.

Let's put them in situations and see what happens.

What happens if they get accosted by bandit raccoons?

What will happen if they are sneaking around a 'haunted' island?

What will happen if they get caught in a fight with a huge evil elk?

If you know your characters, you know what happens!

Why not try answering those questions yourself, or writing your own scenarios?

Once we come to know the story, we need to plot it out, script the dialogue, describe the action and format it in a way which makes it very easy for an illustrator to draw the pictures and create speach.

Example script

Comics, like any other form of story, feed off your imagination. You can do whatever you like in a comic, and as long as you remember that your audience need to understand your story.

You can really let your imagination run wild!

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