Where in the world have we been?!

Check out the map to see the stops Sirius and Jiblets have made on their adventure so far and then read about the places below!

1. Australia

Our trip with Lola to the land Down Under took an unexpected turn when Jiblets decided to run off and "do his own thing"!

2. Natural Bridge, Virginia, USA

A stunning bridge carved out of the limestone rock in the James River Valley, Virginia. Sirius and Jiblets went "moss hunting" when events took an unexpected turn for the worse. Evil bandit raccoons, jumping off cliffs and crashing the Watabus into Natural Bridge. The start of a new, dangerous adventure.

3. Malinalco, Mexico

A break to Mexico to fix the Watabus under the stars, in the warm night air. A band of mice came with an important message and the trip was about to move to another continent!

4. Poveglia, Italy

A tiny island sat in the middle of the Venetian Lagoon (Venice, Italy) has a dark and sad history. Many victims of the Great Plague were sent here in the 18th century and the island became renowned for death, disease and isolation. Just the place you want to have to visit to meet a mysterious figure...

5. Bergen, Norway

A beautiful fishing town, with brightly-coloured buildings nestled in a complex network of Fjords (big sea lakes). Also the home of the Evil Elk Empire, and Buster, their leader. Sirius, Jiblets and Mr Chippers went to pay a visit. Only two returned.

6. The Misty Mystery Place

After fleeing Bergen, Sirius and Jiblets found themselves on a misty moor, somewhere in the UK near a lone red telephone box. However, this phone allowed you to ring the dead.

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