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Walk or cycle to school in the warm weather - save fuel and don’t catch the bus or get a lift.

Uncover your radiators in your bedroom! Radiators that are covered up release less heat into the room, meaning that your boiler has to burn more gas to get your house to a comfortable temperature.

Make a compost heap in your garden for summer - making a home for lots of different types of insects, and then giving your garden food for next year.

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Try to shower instead of having baths - showers use less water and therefore burn less gas (unless you shower in cold water!)

Turn off your TV at the main power switch (on the front, side or back) when you’ve finished watching. Appliances left in standby still use electricity!

Plant lavender in your garden and make it heavenly for bees and butterflies! Insects adore lavender and it looks pretty and smells nice too!

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Save wrapping paper when you receive presents. Neatly fold any pieces that aren’t ripped and store them in a folder or under some books on a shelf to keep it nice and flat. When it’s your turn to give someone a present - you have you gift wrap ready to use.

When your lightbulbs blow at home - make sure your parents buy energy efficient bulbs. And if they complain that energy-saving lightbulbs are too dim, tell them about the brilliant super-bright LED bulbs that last for ages!

Recycle your old batteries - make a battery box out of old cardboard and put all your spent batteries in it when they’ve run out of power. When it’s full you can take it down to your local supermarket or recycling centre and empty it.


When it’s your birthday and your distant Aunt asks what you’d like - ask for a tree! They make amazing gifts you can watch grow as you grow, they provide a new home for hundreds of insects helping increase biodiversity, and they absorb carbon dioxide from your neighbourhood!

If you have a pond in your garden, add a ramp to make sure animals can get out safely if they fall in! This is especially important for hedgehogs.

Recycle your empty egg boxes by planting seeds in them - when the plants are big enough you can put them into bigger pots.

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If you see a bee that's too tired to fly, you can feed it with sugar mixed with water to give it the energy to get back to the hive.

Make sure you turn the tap off as you brush your teeth to save water!


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