Online Safety

Online safety

At WatAdventure we take online safety very seriously. Our website has been carefully designed to be as safe as possible for all users, especially children.

It is our responsibility to ensure we protect children’s identities and explain clearly how our website works.

On (this website), we: count the number of web visitors which pages they visit how long they spend on each page which links they click

Doing this helps us understand how our visitors use our website. It helps us find out if there are any pages which are really, really popular. Or if there are any which nobody ever goes on. Therefore, we can make our website better by looking at this data.

Also, we can fix any problems that might occur by looking at data like this.

However, this data does not tell us: Who you are How old you are Your address

We are very careful about making sure we protect children on our website, and we pay very close attention to GDPR and COPPA.

We DO NOT share any data collected with any third parties.

We encourage our fans to create an account on kids.watadventure in order to save their wonderful artistic creations, watadventurer avatars and so on. This data, in accordance to COPPA and GDPR,


When you visit WatAdventure Kids, we ask your permission to store small text files, known as cookies, on your computer to help us make our website run smoothly whilst you're on it.

Here are some of the cookies we ask to store when you visit:

Website framework cookies - we store a couple of files to help make our website work properly when you are on.

Cookie notification - we store a file to let us know you have seen our 'cookie notification' banner so we don't pester you with it on each page or every time you visit.

Polls - if you enter one of our polls, to ensure that users only vote once and don't try to vote multiple times, and to remember which polls you've voted in, we store a cookie showing if you've voted.

Accounts - if you create an account, we save a cookie on your device to remember if you are logged in or not.

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